Become a historical person reenactor! What a great way to have fun and share historical facts. Let us know if you are interested by August 15!

Sonya Norton: 360-771-5418
Kay Ellison: 360-356-0585 (cell), 360-696-4840 (landline)

historical person reenactor The second Saturday in September the annual Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair will be held at Esther Short Park. One thing we do to make the fair special is invite community members to portray people who have made a difference for peace or social causes. Do you have a peace hero you might like to portray?


historical person reenactor This is not a look-alike contest. You need only wear clothing or carry props that suggest the person and their era. We would supply you with a sash that would say the name of your peace hero and create business cards of that hero to give to people you meet. Skits are not needed here, just enough research to be able to answer basic questions in the persona of your chosen model about what they did and why they did it and express your thoughts on how those actions or that philosophy applies to today. We just ask that reenactors be in costume, circle the park twice, introduce themselves to fair goers and engage in conversation.


historical person reenactor We believe fair goers will do more than just stare at the costumed “ghosts” among them, because this year kids get brownie points for collecting the “business cards” of reenactors. The business card has the name and lifetime of your hero, and your favorite quote. Consequently, your conversations will be mostly with children, so no deep discussions here: (“Do you know what I did?”, “Do you have any questions about why I was so opposed to (war) (slavery) (clearcutting)?”, “You know, in my day we had a problem just like what you folks are going through right now. This is what we did about it….”)


historical person reenactor We’d be so happy if you could reenact 90 minutes to 2 hours. Walk around, rest on a park bench or in our photobooth, whatever you feel your character might do!



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