Booth Set-Up

Exhibitors may drive into the park between 7 and 9 AM. We ask that people drive in, unload, and immediately drive out, then come back in to set up. Cars may again enter the park at 4 PM to load up and exit.

  • Enter from the north off of 8th Street.
  • move in a counter-clockwise direction around the park.
  • Park on the right side of the driveway, even if your booth is on the left.
  • There are no reserved sites, so set up wherever you like on either side of the circular driveway.
  • exit to the right via the north.
  • After you park your vehicle on the street, please inform the Vancouver for Peace headquarters table of your location.
  • No driving on the lawn!
  • No stakes in the ground!

Previous participants recommended that booths:

  • Have a sign or banner so people know who you are
  • Engage fair-goers with the opportunity for having conversations, signing petitions, joining mailing lists, buying bumper stickers or t-shirts, or other interactive approaches
  • Perhaps have an awning in case of rain or hot sun

Booth Set Up

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